“Black Friday? Pah!” says CJE Micro’s

Note, that was “Pah!” not “Bah!” – and there was no sign of a “Humbug!”

Black Friday – the day following Thanksgiving in the Untidy States of Overpuddle, and which has become recognised as the first day of the Christmas shopping season on which many large retailers hold promotional sales – was yesterday. Well, mostly1.

Today is therefore Random Colour Saturday. I’m calling it Random Colour Saturday because I haven’t looked outside at all, so I don’t know what the weather has been doing. It might have been sunny, with a nice blue sky, it might have been grey and dreary – I just don’t know.

What I do know, however, is that throughout the coming week CJE Micro’s will be offering free (or discounted, depending on where you live) delivery on new systems. According to Chris Evans in his announcement, this is on top of the company managing to (so far, at least) hold existing prices, despite the falling value of pound sterling leading to increased costs.

The new systems referred to, with the normal UK delivery charge noted in brackets, are:

  • The RaspberryRO, which starts at £284.00 (£10.00).
  • The Eastwood RapidO Ig, which is available from £725.00 (£12.00).
  • The kit/DIY version of the RapidO Ig, which starts at £439.00 £429.002 (£10.00).
  • The RapidO Ti, with a starting price of £897.00 (£12.00).
  • The RapidO Top pi-topRO, which starts at £499.00 £489.002 (£10.00).

For those people outside of the UK, rather than free delivery, the offer is a £10.00 discount on delivery prices – and Chris offered three example delivery destinations, as follows:

For the pi-topRO, and any of the systems in a Mini-ITX case:

  • Delivery to the Netherlands would normally cost £18.00, but for this week will be £8.00.
  • Delivery to the ‘USA’ (more correctly, Overpuddle) normally costs £32.00, discounted to £22.00 for the week.
  • Delivery to Dahnunduland (which Chris referred to as ‘Australia’ for some strange reason) normally costs £39.00, but will be reduced to £29.00 for the week.

The equivalent delivery prices for the RapidO Ti, and ‘Case D’ RapidO Ig systems, will be £9.00 (normally £19.00) for the Netherlands, £29.00 (normally £39.00) for Overpuddle, and £38.00 (normally £48.00) for Dahnunduland.

For other countries, you should get in touch with CJE Micro’s to enquire what the delivery costs will be.


  1. As previously noted, the nature of Earth and the way we have arranged time zones around it means it was Friday somewhere on the planet from sometime on Thursday until sometime on Saturday (from the point of view of anyone in the UK).
  2. Chris quoted the starting price for the RapidO Ig ‘DIY’ as £429 and the pi-topRO as £489.00 in his announcement, but looking on the company’s website to include links above, the prices appear to be listed as £439 and £499.00 respectively – and due to the time I’m writing this it’s a bit late to check, so I’m assuming the higher prices to be correct and that the lower prices were typos in the announcement. I’ll also let Chris know, and update this if necessary to clarify.
    Chris has now replied, clarifying that the prices in the announcement were correct, and those on the website incorrect, and that “buyers will be charged the lower announcement price.”

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