RiscOSM update and special offer

Bugs squashed – easier than giving them a map and sending them on their way.

Sine Nomine Software have released a new version of RiscOSM, their mapping software for RISC OS.

Version 1.21 of the application, which uses map data converted from OpenStreetMap, is now available to download as a free upgrade for existing users. A number of small bugs were addressed in this version, along with one slightly more significant one whereby if the computer was shutdown without first quitting the application, any unsaved pin and track changes would be lost.

As a special offer, existing users can update their British Isles map data to the latest version. This is by way of CDs with the latest map data left over from February’s Southwest Show – while the version of the software on the CDs is superseded by the new version, being only a month old, the map data is still fairly new and relevant, and may be of interest to those with older data. These CDs are available via the website for just £2.50 while stocks last.

New users can purchase the software in one of three formats:

  • As a download for £18.
  • On CD for £20, with map data for a country of your choice from those available.
  • On micro-SD card for £25, with map data for three countries of your choice from those currently available – including the option of France and/or Germany, an option not available for CD purchases due to the size.

For those who haven’t seen or tried the software as yet, there is a demo version – newly updated to version 1.21, just as the full version. The demo version provides all the facilities of the full version, but is limited to data for just the Isle of Man.

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