RiscOSM 1.07 now available

Bridge? What bridge?

Sine Nomine Software’s Hilary Phillips has announced a new version of RiscOSM. Version 1.07 allows the user to save the location under the mouse pointer, whereas previously the saved position was the middle of the map, and also fixes a few issues that could previously cause RiscOSM to either crash, or omit features from the map.

Hilary is a volunteer mapper for the OpenStreetMap project, and she decided to develop an application to render OpenStreetMap data as Drawfiles, with the result being RiscOSM, launched approximately one year later at Wakefield 2014. The software is sold on CD (for £20.00), and is provided with map data for the British Isles and the Netherlands, or as a download (for £18.00) with map data for one or the other. Additional CDs are available for £5.00, containing the map data for either, and that same map data is also available to download from the website.

The data is provided in a format that is ‘restructured’ from the original OpenStreetMap data,  in order to make it more efficient when used with the rendering application, by keeping all the data relevant to a particular area together, and layering it within that so that only the necessary amount of detail is rendered for the level of detail the user has chosen –  and for those people who might need map data for a different area in a format usable by RiscOSM, another application, OSMConvert, is provided as a free download from Sine Nomine’s website.

There is also a demonstration version of the software available to download, which includes data for the Isle of Man.


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