Date announced for RISC OS South West 2015

Get next year’s diaries out Organizer loaded, folks – it’s #rosw2015!

Usually the first  of the year, and certainly the most rubber-dated one with a date that moves almost as much as Easter, the date for the 2015 RISC OS South West Show has been set: Saturday, 21st February.

Organised by the Dynamic Duo of R-Comp‘s Andrew Rawnsley and Orpheus Internet‘s Richard Brown, the show will once again take place at the Webbington Hotel, Loxton, Somerset, BS26 2HU – where it sits on the side of a hill, clearly visible from the M5 motorway and taunting those who need to find their way to it. (It’s not really that difficult – unless you make a mistake!)

The show will be open to the public from 10:30am until 4:00pm, and a dozen exhibitors have already confirmed that they plan to attend – obviously R-Comp and Orpheus, but also many of the usual suspects, big and small, such as CJE Micro’s and Steve Fryatt, but also some lesser-spotted exhibitors, such as John Norris and Fortran Friends, who tend to only appear at this show.

An area of the hall will be set aside as “a ‘Raspberry Jam’ area to encourage home coders, and introduce more people to the RISC OS scene. The hope is that people who buy a Raspberry Pi for other purposes will see RISC OS, and be interested in getting involved with all things RISC OS.”

For that to work, though, people outside of the RISC OS community do need to know about it, so it’s important that anyone who has the opportunity to publicise the event beyond our little world does so: Get talking about the show, not just on RISC OS related forums and newsgroups, but anywhere there are people who may have an interest in computing, particularly in the Raspberry Pi, but who may not know about RISC OS – and if you use any social media websites, the organisers have already declared the official hashtag for the event as #rosw2015.

See you in <counts> 110 days, folks!

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