CJE and 4D at the London Show

Announcement from Chris Evans, 17th October, 2014.

CJE Micro’s/4D are looking forward to seeing many of you at the London RISCOS Show Saturday, 25th October. Here are just a few of the recently added/featured items we will have with us in addition to our usual massive range!

Many Raspberry Pi B+ Specific products:
  • GPIO cables 40 Pin to 26 and 40-40.
  • 40 Pin Pi Cobbler Plus Kit.
  • 4 Pole AV cables terminating in almost every connector you could ever want!
  • RTC with 40 pin ‘pass through’.
  • Acrylic and Moulded Cases.
  • Power/USB Lapdock cables (for the B+ a splitter cable is required).
  • 2 Amp MicroUSB PSUs including a switched version.

Just how low power is your low power Pi System? Find out with a USB Digital Meter (£7 with suitable cable/adaptors) – more details in a blog post.

Monitors & Monitor adaptors galore:
  • Panda & Pi Compatible 2048×1152 Monitors (refurbished and new?)
  • Panda & Pi Compatible 1920×1200 Monitors
  • USB DisplayLink adaptors: Add an extra display to PandaBoard, Iyonix, Beagleboard or Raspberry Pi! (RISC OS support experimental)
  • HDMI KVM Captive cable two way £79.00

Raspberry Pi Compute Development Kit 140.00 GBP

Other recent additions include:
  • Short and long Pi camera cables (2″, 4″ & 24″), PiTFT , 16×2 I2C Controlled LCD kits (both Blue/White and RGB positive), Acorn A4 case parts…
  • High Quality Stereo Audio digitisation and playback with a USB Audio interface: From £12 (RISC OS support experimental)

For the latest news on our RISC OS Laptop project come along to our Show Theatre talk.

Wanted at the show:

We may be able to recycle your unused RISC OS items, including BBC Masters, A4000s, and Risc PCs.

Recent additions to our ‘Wanted’ list: BBC and ARM/RISC OS games and programming books, BBC Coprocessors and anything Econet related!

For a fuller list please see our Wanted Products page.

From our vast range of all things RISC OS related we will not be able to bring everything! So, if you are interested in purchasing any particular item, please contact us by first thing Friday morning (24th) to avoid disappointment.

STOP PRESS: In addition to the above we have one and hopefully a second significant item to demonstrate at the show. So do come along and hear our Theatre show talk.

p.s. Re our job vacancy for a junior assistant, we’ve teamed up with Northbrook College to offer this post as an apprenticeship.

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