Various items from Nemo20000

Not quite 20,000 of them.

Simon Birtwistle, who is generally known online as Nemo20000 (or sometimes just Nemo), and who was the programmer behind the Cerilica Vantage graphics application, has started releasing the odd item via GoogleDrive. Recent uploads include:

KeyState, a module that maintains a “map of the currently held keys which can be read via a SWI.”

InAWindow, which is designed to be part of the boot sequence, and defines two new filetypes – TskBasic (&aa5) and TaskApp (&aa6) – and their associated icons. These two filetypes are just like BASIC (&ffb) and Absolute (&ff8) except that when double clicked, they run in a TaskWindow.

IconMover, a module that allows iconbar icons to be moved around and repositioned.

FixUpDown, which aims to address the problem where “electronic keyboards with macro capabilities simulate keypresses, and often do so faster than the debounce delay, causing the keyboard driver to ignore them” – a problem made worse by USB devices and emulated platforms. The module ensures key press transitions are never shorter than a configurable delay, which has a 2cs default.

Simon suggests that version 1.10 of FixUpDown might be of possible interest to Raspberry Pi owners, since it introduced a maximum time as well, which “may be useful to mitigate ‘stuck keys’” – however, in my (albeit brief) test, setting a maximum time introduced another problem: If you need to hold any given key down (for example shift or control) as a modifier, the maximum time meant that it wasn’t recognised by the time the action was carried out – for example shift-double-clicking on an application directory to gain access to its contents.

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