TBX C++ library version 0.6 alpha available


Back at the end of November, Alan Buckley released a new version of TBX, his C++ library. The library is designed to help with the development of Toolbox based C++ applications for RISC OS, and comes with a user guide and reference documentation, and examples of its use are available as additional downloads, including a program to help generate simple C++ skeleton projects.

Version 0.6 is an alpha release, for which Alan listed the following as the main features in his announcement:

  • Simple message and question dialogues are provided for with show_message and show_question functions, and MessageWindow and QuestionWindow classes.
  • A FilerAction class has been added to make it easier to run multi-tasking file operations via the desktop filer.
  • There is now a DrawPath class, to create RISC OS Draw paths and paint them on screen.
  • Graphics classes have been modified to offer support for Draw paths.

A full list of the changes, which also includes a range of bug fixes, documentation improvements and further coverage of RISC OS in the existing classes, is included the documentation provided with the library. TBX is released under the permissive X11 licence, allowing it to be used with both commercial and non-commercial applications, without any charge, and it’s primarily available in package format via the RISC OS Packaging Project, so it can be easily downloaded using either RiscPkg or PackMan. Those who wish to download the library manually, however, can do so via Alan’s website.



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