SampleEd 0.70 released

Sound as a pound!

A new version of SampleEd was released in early December last year by The Really Small Software Company.

Not covered on RISCOSitory before, SampleEd is a sound sample editor that provides support for a wide range of different sample formats and a variety of different processing effects. The application operates as a disc-based editor, with the sample being worked on remaining on disc rather than in memory, which means it is not limited by the amount of memory present in the computer.

Third party effects and filters can be added to the main application, which supports the Linux Audio Developer’s Simple Plug-in API – LADSPA. This is a standard that allows software audio processors and effects to be plugged into a wide range of audio synthesis and recording packages, and used by well known sample editors such as Audacity. The LADSPA website provides links to a number of plug-in libraries, though any plug-ins will first need to be ported to RISC OS. A selection of already ported plug-ins can be found on The Really Small Software Company’s website.

The new version of SampleEd – version 0.70 – offers the following changes:

  • DiskSample is now used to manage sound playback, because Richard Windley, the developer, has found that he has better results with this across different versions of RISC OS.
  • LADSPAMan – a manager for LADSPA plugins – is now packaged with SampleEd to make installation easier.
  • A bug in the setting and redrawing loop has been fixed.

The software’s web page provides downloads for the latest and two previous versions, two versions of the SampleEd driver sources, and a very nicely laid out PDF manual.
















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