MBBack version 2.11 released

Announcement from Martin Bazley, 26th September, 2013

After an uncharacteristically long gap, a new version of the world’s most puffed-up and overcompensatory random backdrop chooser has finally made its way out into the wild, and is available to download.

This is a minor bug-and-“feature”-fix release to which all users are advised to upgrade. (There aren’t any compatibility gotchas this time, honest.) You are no longer obliged to have WaitUntil installed if you wish to run MBBack at startup (as practically everyone does, since it’s not much use otherwise), a weakness in the source file interpreter which could cause the program to crash with an “Outside file” error has been squished, and it now plays nicely with the most recent port of wget.

MBBack is the backdrop changer of choice for utter maniacs. It offers unparalleled levels of control over which files will be added to its backdrop list, yet is just as much at home taking a single directory as input and choosing anything from beneath that. Its unique internal sprite scaling routines can resize any image, without distortion, until it fits the Pinboard exactly (cropping if necessary). It is guaranteed not to repeat itself until every backdrop in its list has been displayed at least once. Sprites and JPEGs are supported natively, and other formats are available on RISC OS 4 and 6 machines through the ImageFileConvert module.

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