Programming the LPC1114

It’serial-ly useful thing.

Dave Higton released LPC1114 at the beginning of February, with an update about a week and a half later, for use with a small piece of hardware with the same name – the LPC1114 being one of a family of devices [PDF] from NXP Semiconducters, all of which are ARM Cortex-M0 based and, due to their low cost and power requirements, are ideal for simple embedded applications.

An example application for the LPC1114 device is given by Dave, who explains:

I’m currently working on a thermostat using the LPC1114 and a chip with IIC interface that is a factory-calibrated temperature and humidity sensor. The current temperature and humidity are displayed on a 3.3V character LCD module that interfaces directly with the LPC1114’s GPIO lines. That’s a simple example of what can be done. Development tools are free from IAR, and run under Wine and Linux (in my case) or Windows.

The purpose of the LPC1114 software is to allow the device to be read, written, erased and programmed from RISC OS over a serial link, for which the Serial BlockDrivers are needed.

Dave says that if you use the application, he would very much like to hear from you at his email address.

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