Konto: Yet another bank manager

Mark Beerling has released what he describes as “(yet another) bank manager application.” He explains that he has been using BkMgr (which I believe is a very old application called “Contex Bank Manager”) for many years, but that application hasn’t been updated for BeagleBoard compatibility – hence his new application, called Konto, which offers some compatibility with BkMgr. Features offered by his new application include:

  • Check and control bank statements.
  • Generate financial reports.
  • Experiment with standing orders (providing a “what if” facility).
  • Transaction database with search facilities.
  • Data plotting using GNU Plot (version 3.71).
  • Forward look ahead for an account (providing a cash flow projection).
  • Support for several currencies.
  • Open file format for easy conversion to and from other programs.
  • Conversion from BkMgr program possible.

The application has been tested on a BeagleBoard-xM running RISC OS 5.17 and a RiscPC running RISC OS 4.39

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