jpegtran BeagleBoard compatibility

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There are a number of applications available for RISC OS that carry out various transformations on JPEG files, such as JCut, JClean and Jigwas. These make use of the IJG (Independent JPEG Group) software to apply the transformations but, unfortunately, the “jpegtran” module supplied with these applications will not run on the BeagleBoard.

Some months ago, Chris Johnson reported that he now had a working jpegtran module, but had needed to modify the BASIC programs that called it. He has now recompiled the IJG software (version 6b, as originally used for the version supplied by the apps named above) using BeagleBoard friendly settings.

The recompiled binary is available from Chris’s website (mirror) and should be a drop-in replacement for the version supplied with the above apps, which can themselves be found on the late Paul Vigay’s website.

Chris points out that, since this is a simple recompilation of the binary for BeagleBoard compatibility, there is nothing to be gained from downloading this new version unless you intend to use it on a BeagleBoard based machine.

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