New development tool for C programmers

DrWimpC is in the house

Peter Miller has released a new development tool for C programmers using RISC OS 4 or higher.

The software, explains Peter, is intended as “an application creation and development tool for WIMP applications written using the C programming language” and is the result of some discussions Peter had with the late Ray Favre, who looked after the DrWimp BASIC library from 1999 until his death in 2010, having taken it over from Andrew Ayre who originally developed and maintained it from 1995 until 1999. The developer explains that his original plan was to develop his own C programming tool, but agreed with Ray that it might be useful for others and would therefore release something to the community.

That something is the DrWimpC App Builder. Peter’s announcement goes on to say:

The program provides a C library with the same functional interface as the BASIC DrWimp library with a user/library function for each BASIC DrWimp user/library function, except that use of the user functions is optional. Instead of the default user functions, equivalent functions can be created and directly associated with a window/icons based on the window and icon names as defined in template files. There is also additional functionality in the C version. The two main C compilers of GCC 4 and the ROOL C tools are supported. In this release I have emphasised the use of the GCC 4 shared libraries facility as a means of providing reusable code, while also providing a ROOL C tools version.

The website appears to be quite comprehensive, and includes a ‘getting started’ guide which, along with the StrongHelp functional API manual, Peter says should be enough to easily get going – although the documentation is something he is still working on.

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