DrawPrint 1.38 available

Free printing utility even better value for money than before.

DrawPrint is an application that allows the user to print a Drawfile (or Sprite or JPEG) over several pages, with full control of the scale. Margins can be set, with the option of the printed image overlapping from one page to the next, or have page breaks inserted more intelligent way.

Free to download and use, the software was originally developed to provide a way to print from NetSurf on the IYONIX pc, but it can also be useful for printing many other things – including Excel files via ViewXLS.

Version 1.38 adds the option to position the Drawfile in the same location as Draw would place it, rather than trimming off the margins. It also improves DrawPrint’s handling of files containing ridiculously large numbers of objects, and includes a few bug fixes since the last version that was announced, bringing with it a recommendation that all users upgrade to this version.

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