Drag ‘n Drop ceases publication

For real this time, apparently – no word of a lie.

Long-time RISC OS fan and editor of Drag ‘n Drop magazine, Paul Stewart has announced the closure of the PDF-based magazine with immediate effect.

Paul launched Drag ‘n Drop in 2009, and published four issues per year/volume, costing £3.00 each. In October 2011, shortly before the London Show, after two years and eight issues, he decided that it was time to cease publication. However, barely a week later, Paul turned up at the show with the first issue of volume three – he had changed his mind, apparently having been encouraged to continue with it by R-Comp‘s Andrew Rawnsley.

However, in a statement in which Paul offered his thanks to everyone who has contributed to the magazine, as well as those who have purchased it, his final words were:

Really is closing this time!

So I guess he means it, then – which is a great shame.

This leaves RISC OS with only one remaining magazine, Archive. Already the platform’s only remaining printed magazine, Archive is an A5 magazine, first published by Paul Beverley in October 1987, and currently published by Jim Nagel.

At the time of writing, the Drag ‘n Drop website is only showing the text “Problem – Please contact Support” and my attempts to contact Paul at the email address he uses as editor of the magazine, as well as the only personal email address I have for him have both resulted in bounces – so Paul, if you read this, I’d appreciate it if you contact me on a related matter.

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4 Thoughts to “Drag ‘n Drop ceases publication”

  1. Chris

    Having spent some time and effort writing further instalments for my sprites series I’d like to express an interest in taking on future management of Drag n Drop so Paul if you are reading please make contact and thank you for your sterling work!

  2. hubersn

    Hi Vince, there is still another printed magazine: GAG News, published (and mostly written) by Herbert zur Nedden. Content is in German of course, and very good it is, too.

    1. I didn’t realise GAG News was a printed magazine. I’d always associated GAG News with the ANS mailing list – different things, then?

      1. hubersn

        No relationship between GAG News and ANS mailing list that I know of.

        GAG News is now 123 issues old and still going strong. See http://www.gag.de/gag/newsinhalt.html for content up to now.

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