Drag ‘n Drop drops onto your doormats

Well, it does if the hard drive you download it onto is named ‘doormat’.

Just ahead of the 2012 Wakefield Show, which takes place on Saturday, 28th April, Paul Stewart has published the latest issue of his PDF-based RISC OS magazine, Drag ‘n Drop.

Features in this bumper 53 page issue include an in-depth, personal retrospective of the 8-bit games scene, along with reviews of two new games from Retro Software, the next parts in the two programming series “All Sorted” and “RISC OS Programming in BASIC”, along with the start of a new one dealing with graphics in BBC BASIC, and much more.

A change with this issue is the route Paul has taken to publication – more specifically, a change in the software he uses. Whereas previously he used Ovation to lay out the magazine, turning it into a PDF using PrintPDF, this time he’s switched to using EasiWriter, which can save PDFs directly, and allows the magazine to include working links to relevant websites.

Drag ‘n Drop costs just £3.00, and can be purchased using PayPal.

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