Snippets – 21st June 2011

David Higton reported on the RISC OS Open forums that at the Southamton Acorn Users Group meeting on 14th June, to which he took his BeagleBoard for the purposes of this, he “demonstrated copying the files from a bootable SD card to an empty (formatted) SD card and booting from the latter.”

Meanwhile, Thomas Milius has been commenting on the newsgroup comp.sys.acorn.networking regarding his efforts in using a mobile dongle to get internet access on a Beagleboard. Neither this  nor wireless networking have been options available to use with hardware running RISC OS before, so progress in either one of these areas is a very welcome step.

Sine Nomine have announced a new version of their mathematical puzzle application, Wrangler, a “general mathematical puzzle generator and solver” that currently supports three types of puzzles – Kakuro, Cross Sums and Shikaku.

After spending some time struggling with the documentation, Martin Bazley has now announced a new version – v2.10 – of MBBack, his random backdrop selector, designed to put a different backdrop image on your pinboard, giving your RISC OS desktop a fresh, new look every time.

Tim Hill has decided to make available four files in ARMovie format, to satisfy the huge void in the lives of those who look longingly at ARPlayer, wishing they had some content to play in it. He warns that these were merely created as a bit of fun, playing with VideoDesk on his RiscPC, so they are hardly spectacular examples of amateur film production. The files can be found on his website, along with other items people might find useful, such as his mimemap file.

Finally, the interest arousing single page that appeard at in August of last year has recently vanished – visiting that URL now just shows an empty directory. The domain itself does not appear to have changed hands, and isn’t set to expire until 2012.

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