Director 0.39 beta released

Announcement from Philip J Ludlam, 22nd January 2014

This is to announce version 0.39 beta of Director.


There are two archives available for download.

  • The first (director [zip]) contains the main Director programs and associated utilities and menus.
  • The second (director-devel [zip])also contains the source code and CVS information.

The Director home page is at and the SourceForge project page is at


Since the last stable release of Director the following changes have been made:

  • Added scroll menu on the scroll icons/window furniture
  • Added checks for the Docs directories before adding them to the menu.
  • Added Shift and Menu click on a TitleBar runs MenuMenu
  • Added A9Home/RISC OS 6 magic numbers to Utilities (Fred Graute)
  • Added ARMv7 strict mode support
  • Fixed Illegal Window Handle messages
  • Fixed “Type mismatch: string needed at line 120” (Harriet Bazley)
  • Fixed Country/Keyboard confusion (Murray Colpman & Chris Hall)
  • Fixed A9Home/RISC OS 6 Window handle issue
  • Improved CD/DVD ROM drive error handling if none found
  • Improved handling for quitting Director
  • Improved FindDrives:
    • Added support for MassFS, SDFS and Sunfish
    • No longer displays empty drives
    • Better error handling for non-existent modules and filing systems
  • Improved error handling when starting and ending


Director is a general purpose desktop tool. It allows you to customise your desktop by creating menus of useful commands and icons to attach the menus to. Any number of menus or icons can be created and attached in any order to each other.

Director also allows an alternative and faster view onto files in the form of directory menus and allows these menus to be attached to other menus also.

Director has some other useful features such as remembering the most recently used files, the ability to add key strokes into the keyboard buffer and the ability to produce directory menus over drive icons.

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