Mar 262013

 It’s GAG-News, not bad news!

Back in September, when reporting that Drag ‘n Drop had ceased publication (again), I said:

This leaves RISC OS with only one remaining magazine, Archive. Already the platform’s only remaining printed magazine…

This was incorrect, a fact pointed out to me in the comments on that post. Not only is there another magazine still being published as well as Archive (and Drag ‘n Drop, which was subsequently resurrected by Christopher Dewhurst), but it’s a printed magazine to boot. Continue reading »

Sep 262012

For real this time, apparently – no word of a lie.

Long-time RISC OS fan and editor of Drag ‘n Drop magazine, Paul Stewart has announced the closure of the PDF-based magazine with immediate effect.

Paul launched Drag ‘n Drop in 2009, and published four issues per year/volume, costing £3.00 each. In October 2011, shortly before the London Show, after two years and eight issues, he decided that it was time to cease publication. However, barely a week later, Paul turned up at the show with the first issue of volume three – he had changed his mind, apparently having been encouraged to continue with it by R-Comp‘s Andrew Rawnsley. Continue reading »