!Store software registration and Christmas sales

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley of R-Comp, 18th December, 2013

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new service for users of our !Store1 download service. If you’re not a user yet, download it free at www.plingstore.org.uk

The R-Comp Software Registration Service allows you to register your existing R-Comp/RCI purchases on !Store, so that you can access latest versions from any of your RISC OS machines with an internet connection.

The service is priced at £14.99, and covers as many current and future R-Comp/RCI products as you choose/own. Certain games are excluded, however, due to licence agreements. You’ll get access to a number of upgrades not available anywhere else, tuned to support the latest hardware. For example, Raspberry Pis don’t usually come with CD drives, so we’ve updated installers and things to run straight from the download.

There are also “big name” updates included in the offer. We’ve recently released HTMLEdit Studio 6.1, for example. The upgrade to 6.1 is included free as part of this service, and is not available outside of !Store at this time. The update includes changes to various components, as well as adding ARMv7 compliance and including extra software not previously part of the Studio CD release.

Other programs, such as Image Outliner see ARMv7 updates, and many others see installer or other changes.

Once you’ve registered for the service on !Store, you’ll be able to add any existing current products to your account, as if you’d purchased them via !Store. Once done, you’ll have access to them from any machine that can run !Store. The service will show you latest versions, and you’ll be able to see if you’re up-to-date at the click of a button.

If you buy products from us in future (eg. at shows), you’ll be able to add those to your !Store account as well.

The pricing covers the time taken to check what products people own, and authorise them in each case. It also helps fund the development of !Store and the necessary infrastructure needed to offer you (we hope!) round-the-clock access to the latest versions of your software.

In other !Store news, we hope to begin our Christmas !Store Sale this weekend, throughout the 2-week “Christmas Holidays” period. Each day we’ll have different products on significant sale (some 50% or more!), so check in regularly to grab some bargains!

Happy Christmas,



  1. In general, here on RISCOSitory I try to refer to applications by their name, which is not necessarily the same as the name of the application directory. Where the name and application directory are the same, I usually drop the pling2 at the start. However, !Store is different because the app has a corresponding website at www.plingstore.org.uk. Using PlingStore to refer to the app is, frankly, ugly – especially when there are frequent, multiple uses, as in Andrew’s announcement above – and using just Store just doesn’t feel right, so it will be referred to on RISCOSitory as !Store WITH the pling.
  2. For any non-RISC OS-types reading this, in the context of RISC OS applications, an exclamation mark is commonly referred to as a pling.

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