HTTPServ 0.12 now available

Thomas Milius has released an update to his freeware web server, HTTPServ, bringing it up to version 0.12. The software can be downloaded either from his website (in the ‘Computer Activities’ section) or via !Store.

One of the changes in this version is to fix a bug that dates back to 1997, and prevented Bing from scanning internet-facing websites hosted with the software. Changes have also been made to the handling of PHP and SSI, and support for using SQLite has been added to PHP.

There is also now a PHP/SQLite example provided, and another example to demonstrate how to use SSI to get visitors to prove they are humans, and not robots. This latter change is based around images that the visitor has to classify, so means the download size is significantly bigger than before – but we’re talking RISC OS software, so bigger is still relatively small overall!

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