MoreKeys updated

All we need now is more fingers. Or not, since this solves that problem. Towards the end of March, Rick Murray released a new application designed to make it easier to enter ‘extended’ characters, those not normally found on a standard keyboard – solving the problem of having to remember which key combination or sequence will produce which characters, or having to switch to using the mouse to use an alternative input method, such as the Chars application. That application was MoreKeys, which allows the user to define a selection…

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MoreKeys than you can shake a finger at (updated 31st March, 2012)

!Chars application

Everyone knows the standard ways of entering ‘extended’ characters in RISC OS – those characters that aren’t readily available from a standard keyboard by just pressing a key, or shift and a key – but the approach is arguably not as user-friendly as it might be, since it either means knowing which key combination or sequence will produce which characters (get it wrong, and you have to delete and try again), or it involves switching from keyboard to mouse in order to call up an app like Chars to find…

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