Currency 2.01 released

The application from Kevin Wells for looking up exchange rates and other related information, Currency, has been updated to version 2.01.

The program uses Wget to pass user requests to a remote site, API Layer, and retrieve the results of those requests, and as well as the previous function of looking up exchange rates, it can now also convert amounts from one currency to another.

Another change is that it’s now possible to access historical data without first looking up the current exchange rate – which saves wasting a call – and it now also shows when the Application Programmer Interface (API) key resets the number of available calls.

The API key is a special token that is needed by the program in order to communicate with the remote site. Due to there being a limited number of calls available for free keys, recent versions of the software require that the user registers with the remote site for their own key. A free account comes with a monthly limit of 250 requests, with paid subscriptions offering higher limits.

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