QrCode 2.02 plays keepy uppy

Kevin Wells has released version 2.02 of his application for creating two dimensional bar codes, known as Quick Response (QR) codes. The application – QrCode – allows the user to key in certain information, and that information is then turned into one of the codes.

With a QR code produced from the information, it can be included in leaflets, posters, or other publications. In that form when someone is reading the document, they can scan the QR code with their phone to get the information encoded within it directly into the relevant app, without them having to type anything. So, for example, if you’re trying to get people who look at your leaflet to visit a particular URL, encoding that URL into a QR code makes it much easier for them to do so.

When you want to create a QR code, Kevin’s application uses WGet to pass that information to an online resource called the QR code Generator, which then returns the necessary graphic file. Somewhere down the line, a change stopped the application communicating correctly, and the update to version 2.02 corrects the problem.

In order to support development of his RISC OS software, Kevin has a bit of merchandise available (which the QR code I’ve generated for this page leads to), as well as a Ko-fi page through which people can simply donate a few quid as a way to say thanks.

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