Navigate your way around potholes with StreetFix 1.04

StreetFix is an application from Kevin Wells that makes it possible to check up on and report problems in different postcode districts of the United Kingdom. It does this by using Wget and an internet connection to talk to a remote site, relaying user requests as necessary – and in this case, the site in question is FixMyStreet.

Kevin has released an update to the application, bringing it up to version 1.04, in which he’s added a Map button that is active if the RISC OS filer has seen an application that can handle GPX files. This will generate a file and send it to the application that supports them – so, for example, if you’re running RiscOSM, you can be presented with a map of your local potholes1.

As well as that, there is a user interface improvement with the program also now supporting the use of a scroll wheel, a bit of tidying up when it comes to scrap files when StreetFix is quit, and improved GPX output.

Kevin also notes that the underlying software for the FixMyStreet website is available for other countries, and suggests that if anyone wishes to use his application as the base for one of those countries, they are welcome to do so.

If you find any of Kevin’s software useful, you could always consider rewarding him for it by buying some merchandise or with a small contribution.


  1. Other problems are available.

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