KevNav gains seat belt option in version 1.03

Released earlier this year, KevNav is a fairly new application from Kevin Wells, designed to provide route planning assistance. It does this by submitting the users’ request, using Wget, to the Transport API website. The results are then displayed, and they can be exported in a number of formats.

Earlier versions of the software were apparently affected by a size limitation, causing a crash when certain data exceeded 256 characters in length. The latest version – 1.03 – addresses this problem, and therefore helps to avoid RTCs1.

Kevin has also outlined some of his plans for KevNav, including:

  • The use of place names as well as postcodes for route planning – which could be useful, because while everywhere in the UK should be covered by a postcode, you might not always know what that postcode is.
  • Having user-definable default settings for every option.
  • The ability to pick the colour used for the route when exporting it as a KML file for use in other software.
  • And perhaps to have different colour options for different modes of transport – which could also extend to the different types of public transport.

If you find Kev’s software useful, you might like to show him a little support and buy some of his merchandise, or just thank him with a quid or two.


  1. That’s RISC OS Text Crashes, not either Road Traffic Collisions or even Real Time Clocks, dummy!

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