Vkeyboard embraces European options in version 1.08

Kevin Wells has released a new version of his virtual keyboard application, which provides a means to feed input to the keyboard buffer without using a physical keyboard. Version 1.08 of Vkeyboard benefits from the following changes:

  • The ‘alt’ modifier option has been added, to go with the existing ‘Caps’, ‘Shift’, and ‘Ctrl’ – with any of these selected, the characters shown for each key change according to what would be produced on the normal keyboard.
  • The on-screen keyboard itself has been redesigned to be slightly smaller, leaving more screen real estate available for use when the virtual keyboard is in use.
  • Four more keyboard layouts have been added:
    • Colemak UK (an alternative to the usual QWERTY layout that places the most frequently used letters on the middle/home row).
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish

The new, smaller keyboard design, along with the French, Italian, and Spanish layouts are all courtesy of RISC OS Cloverleaf.

If you find Kevin’s software useful, why not thank him by spending a little money on his merchandise, or sending a couple of quid his way?

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