MUGs meet to moot midsummer show – 2nd October

Apparently addressing someone at RISCOSitory called ‘Rick’, Darnell from the Midlands User Group (MUG) has been in touch about the group’s forthcoming meeting, which will take place via the Zoom video conferencing service.

According to what Oswald says in the email, the purpose of the meeting is to discuss the possibility of resurrecting the Midlands Midsummer Show, but as a virtual event rather than a physical one. So, for the duration of the meeting at least, rather than think about the days growing shorter in the coming weeks of autumn, and the cold of winter beyond that, those present will be thinking and talking about an event to take place in summer instead.

A specific date has not yet been decided on for a virtual show, explains Uriah, but should the group green-light the event you can probably expect it to be in July of 2022.

If you’d like to participate in the discussion, perhaps with ideas or to offer assistance to the group, the meeting will take place on Saturday, 2nd October, at 2:00pm. Gethin notes that if you’ve attended other recent virtual MUG meetings, the access details remain the same – but if not just contact MUG to request them.

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