File access control module released

Combating what Germans apparently call ‘Sommerloch’ and he believes translates as ‘Silly Season’, Thomas Milius has been browsing an archive of old software he’d written, and an interesting find has prompted a new release.

In his search through the archive, Thomas rediscovered a module called FileAccess that dated back to the mid-1990s. Apparently it didn’t get released at the time, mainly because he lacked an internet connection, but he’s now spent a little time cleaning it up and making it work on RISC OS 5.2x. The manual is entirely in German, so he’s also translated the most important part, the command descriptions, into English.

The purpose of the software is to watch over your files, with facilities to log accesses and, if so configured, reject them. Why would you want to reject access to a file? Well, multiple users can be defined, with access rights to files and directories set on a per-user basis.

Thomas advises that the software can be quite slow, and he’s sure there will be ways to kick it out, but it may offer some simple protection.

The module can be downloaded from the ‘Computer Activities’ section of Thomas’ website.

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