QrCode gains WiFi support

Wait! What? Oh… encoding access details in a QR code. As you were…

Kevin Wells’ application for generating QR codes (two-dimensional bar codes) has been given some more attention, and version 1.07 of the application is now available to download. Two notable changes have been added to this version of QrCode:

  • WiFi access details can now be entered into the application, so that the resulting QR code graphic can be offered as an easy means for people to connect their phones and tablets. With the right software installed on a smartphone or tablet (for example, I have one on my phone called simply “Barcode Scanner” which will scan both standard bar codes and QR codes) users can simply scan the QR code by pointing their camera at it, and the device can read the code and connect to the WiFi.
  • vCards – simple files that contain contact details in a pre-defined, standard format – can now be dragged onto the application’s main window. The program then presents the information found in the card in a window, with a button to proceed with generating a QR code. These can once again be scanned by phones and tablets with the right software as a quick way to import those details into contact lists.

The software now also allows the background colour for the QR code to be set – though only from a selection of four (white, yellow, lime or aqua).

The software needs Wget to be installed to work, along with a network connection – it uses that to communicate the data that is being encoded with the Go QR website API.

Kevin also has some Kevsoft merchandise available via Spreadshirt – so if you use and like his software, why not buy something to earn him a little commission?

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