PDF to JPEG conversion now offered by KPDFUtil

Kevin Wells has released yet another update to his front-end for PDFUtils, a set of command-line tools for manipulating PDF files in various ways. Version 1.03 of KPDFUtil now supports converting PDF pages to JPEG files.

The options are broadly similar to those for converting pages to PNG files, but with some obvious differences because the destination filetype differs. The JPEG file format doesn’t offer any means to include transparency, for example, so there is no ‘Transparent’ option offered by KPDFUtil for this conversion. Instead, the options for the JPEG files are limited to just colour or greyscale.

Meanwhile, the options relating to the source file remain the same – you can convert all pages in the PDF to JPEG, only odd or only even ones, or you can specify a range of pages.

Kevin can be thanked for his efforts through Ko-fi or Spreadshirt.

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