KeyMapper configuration tool released

Andrew Conroy has released a configuration tool for James Peacock’s KeyMapper module, allowing you to more easily set up your key mappings if you are either using a keyboard that doesn’t provide all of the keys you need, or if you want some keys to act as mouse buttons – particularly useful for some laptops, for example.

Setting up the module is normally done from the command line, and requires knowledge (or on-hand reference material) of low level key numbers, but Andrew’s KeyMapCfg removes that requirement, and allows you to pick both the actual and virtual keys from drop-down menus.

If you have an existing KeyMapper setup, the existing configuration file can be dragged to the application – but if not, a new one can be created by setting up some key mappings in KeyMapCfg and then saving it.

KeyMapCfg can be downloaded from !Store.

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