DrawPrint version 1.40 released

Model T Ford option now working.

Version 1.40 of Sine Nomine’s DrawPrint is now available to download.

DrawPrint is an application that provides more control when printing Drawfiles, sprites or JPEGs, allowing them to be printed over multiple pages, allowing the user to select a scale, margins, overlaps, and so on. It also allows individual pages to be exported as Drawfiles for use in other applications.

The update to version 1.40 deals with problems identified with the options to print “All text in black” and at the “Original size & position”.

The “All text in black” option is useful if your Drawfile contains text in a colour which does not show up very well when printed; resolving the problem by, as the option suggests, changing the colour of all text to black. It also changes the background colour to white for any path objects which have text overlapping them, aiming to avoid any situations where there is black text on a black background.

The “Original size & position” option, which is only applicable if the image fits within the currently selected paper size at 100%, will display the image at 100% in exactly the same position relative to the bottom left corner of the paper as it would in Draw, rather than ignoring white space round the edges of the image. Previously, this would only preview the page, but it now prints as well – and it has been disabled for sprites and JPEGs, for which there isn’t a concept of size and position unless they are included in a Drawfile.

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