Multiple stops added to the BusTimes route

Kevin Wells has released a new version of BusTimes, his application that allows RISC OS users to find the times and routes for buses, based on the stop the user needs to use. The software does this by using Wget to talk to the TransportAPI website.

As well as a cosmetic change and bug fixes, the new version of the software brings with it a new feature; it now has the ability to save up to ten bus stops as part of its configuration, which is handy for people who frequently use a number of specific stops.

That cosmetic change sees the ‘Future Date’ button moved from the bottom of the Bus stop window to the top, and one of the fixed bugs also relates to that button – it now works on the bus stop timetable for a future date. The other bug that has been dealt with means that clicking on a bus stop on a route when looking at a future timetable now opens the times for that stop at the time and date selected.

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