R-Comp updates TiMachine / Titanium monitor driver

The monitor driver software available from R-Comp for users of its Titanium-based TiMachine computers, or members of its Titanium Support Scheme1, has been updated.

The purpose of the software is to enable the use of multiple screens with systems based around the Titanium motherboard, with both screens sharing an extra-wide desktop between them. With certain ultra widescreen displays – those that allow a split screen and have two appropriate inputs – the computers can in effect display what appears to be a single desktop on that screen, exceeding what the Titanium is ordinarily capable of on a single display.

This is the sixth release of the software, and the main benefit it brings is to significantly improve the video bandwidth, allowing flicker-free 16 million colour desktops at those very high, multi-monitor resolutions. Previously, for a stable, high-resolution set up, 32 or 64 thousand colour modes were recommended – and this in turn upset some software, which could only work in 16 million colour modes.

Meanwhile, for those users with just a single display, the extra bandwidth means a higher refresh rate is better supported; resolutions such as 1920×1200 or 2048×1152 can now be flicker-free at 60hz.

Users of TiMachines and members of the Titanium support scheme can download the update for free, from the location provided in the documentation supplied to you when you made your purchase.


  1. For anyone using Titanium-based systems other than R-Comp’s and who is not a member of the support scheme, an update is also available directly from Elesar Ltd – see the Resources section on the Titanium/RISC OS product page. This provides the bandwidth improvements incorporated in R-Comp’s update.


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