RapidO Ig and RapidO Ti (full SATA support)

Announcement from Chris Evans, 9th April, 2016.

The two fastest ever RISC OS computers are the RapidO Ig and RapidO Ti, and both are now in stock!

The RapidO Ig (IGEPv5-based) is now shipping with full SATA support. Existing users who haven’t yet been contacted by us for an upgrade, please email us.

For users wanting a second display output1 then the RapidO Ti (Titanium-based) is the one for them, otherwise the RapidO Ig offers a number of advantages at a significantly lower price!

  • RapidO Ig: £725.00
  • RapidO Ti: £997.00
  • Delivery, if required: £12.00

For independent benchmarks please see Chris Hall’s benchmarks.

Whilst for processing speed there is little to choose between the RapidO Ig and RapidO Ti, the RapidO Ig now has the fastest ever hard drive data transfer rate for a RISC OS computer!

  • RiscPC: 1.8 MB/s
  • Iyonix: 23 MB/s
  • PandaBoard: 21.9 MB/s
  • ARMX6: 79.50 MB/s
  • Titanium: 119.3 MB/s
  • RapidO Ig: 181.1 MB/s

We’ve also averaged all the benchmarks listed by Chris Hall that give a percentage speed comparison with a RiscPC, and the results were:

  • RiscPC = 100%
  • ARMX6 = 1247%
  • Titanium = 2257%
  • RapidO Ig = 2365%

The RapidO Ig is now also available in a nice swish mini-DTX case.

For more details please contact us or see our website. We will be updating the website with a fuller comparison chart and easier ordering once we’ve recovered from the Wakefield Show.

  1. The second display output is currently functional but not fully-featured or integrated as yet.
  • The RapidO Ig is sold by The Fourth Dimension which is not VAT registered.
  • The RapidO Ti is sold by CJE Micro’s whose prices include VAT.

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