New ImpEmail release supports CSV files

Announcement from Matthew Phillips, 9th April, 2016.

Sine Nomine Software will be attending next Saturday’s Wakefield Show, but ahead of that we are pleased to announce a new version of ImpEmail, which now supports CSV files.

ImpEmail allows users to create an e-mail template, and then merge in data from a database or spreadsheet to create a set of personalised messages. For example, you could e-mail all members of a club to tell them when their subscriptions are due to expire, or to ask them to check the address details which you hold.

ImpEmail previously only supported merging via the Impulse protocol, as used by the Impact and Powerbase database applications. With its new CSV facilities, ImpEmail can now be used with any spreadsheet or database.

Messages that are generated are placed in the outgoing mail queue. ImpEmail has been tested and is known to work with Hermes and POPStar. It also has a basic SMTP client for direct connection to unauthenticated e-mail servers.

If you are interested in the software, we advise you to download the demo and try it out before purchase to make sure it works with your own e-mail set-up.

ImpEmail costs only £10, and should pay for itself many times over if you need to send personalised bulk messages.

ImpEmail comes with an illustrated HTML manual and full interactive help.

The CSV importer has many nice features, including allowing users to select rows from the file rather than sending messages to everyone. Messages can be tested on screen before sending.

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