ARMX6 and TiMachine Wakefield deals, lower priced ARMX6 kits

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 15th April, 2016.

RCI is pleased to announce that we will have various deals on ARMX6 and TiMachine computer systems purchased at the Wakefield Show.

Purchasing a computer to take away with you lowers our shipping costs, and ensures that the machine is well cared for during transit. We pass these savings on to you in the form of extra goodies!

Firstly, all machines purchased at the show will receive a free 64GB of additional storage. The idea behind this is to ensure that all customers have somewhere to keep backups, or store additional data, photos, and music. We know that having a second drive in a machine is something we use a lot, so we think our customers will enjoy that too.

Secondly, all purchases of £750.00 or more will receive our ‘bundle CD’ of R-Comp software free of charge. This consists of several hundred pounds of full-version applications including favourites like Messenger Pro, Fireworkz Pro, SafeStore, MusicCD, Network Printer Drivers, EasyClip, and much more.

The popular, award-winning ARMX6 is available from £699.00 inc. VAT and goodies, and our new TiMachine system from £899.00 (deluxe edition £949.00).

We will have a selection of high resolution monitors and displays available, and bundles will be available with the computers. So, whatever you’re after hardware-wise, the Wakefield Show is the place to get it.

For more information about our multi-award winning range of RISC OS computer systems and services, please visit the ARMini website.

Our RISCube range continues to be popular too, for those wanting to combine RISC OS and Windows.

Additionally, we are now able to offer our ‘kit form’ ARMX6 packs, which give you an ARMX6 motherboard, CPU, RAM, operating system, storage and updates/support etc., for £290.00+VAT. This gives you the same treatment, updates, software etc. as a full ARMX6, but in a DIY format for use on the bench or in your own enclosure.

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