RCI Titanium Support Scheme now available

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 15th April, 2016.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Titanium Support Scheme (TSS).

The Titanium Support Scheme is designed to bring software, resources and expertise developed for our new TiMachine computer system, to DIY Titanium board customers. It provides a comprehensive range of software and operating system capabilities, designed to give users the best possible experience with a Titanium board, maximising compatibility and minimising problems, whilst being fully compatible with the developments at Elesar (Titanium board manufacturers).

Having previously run similar schemes for Beagle/Panda etc., we realised such a scheme would benefit Titanium owners when we were contacted by customers struggling to get their software working well/properly on their new hardware. By providing our resources and software, problems were solved, stability was achieved, and happy computing returned.

Customers report better screen resolutions/sharper pictures, more flexibility, much increased software compatibility/reliability and more.

Naturally all this comes as standard with our TiMachine, but one of the attractions of the Titanium motherboard is that you can buy it separately and build your own system. The Titanium Support Scheme allows you to do so and still benefit from our TiMachine expertise and goodies.

Members will receive a high capacity micro-SD that plugs straight into the Titanium board to provide you with software and OS components. You can use this straight away to populate your hard drive or SSD for your Titanium (instructions supplied) or update your existing system as needed.

You also gain access to downloads via the members’ download site. There’s plenty of spare space on the micro-SD card too, for use as backup or additional data storage.

As well as the many custom R-Comp apps supplied, we’d like to mention the inclusion of our MultiMon software with TiMachine and the TSS.

Originally developed for multi-monitor RISCube set-ups, it is designed to resolve issues that affect RISC OS when used with expansive/multi-monitor desktops. A version has recently been used to enhance ARMX6’s super high-resolution support, and with Titanium offering two video outputs (beta test), it becomes a key tool again. Typically MultiMon was bundled with support/expertise for circa £50 on its own, so this adds significant value to the TSS.

TSS membership is priced at £99.99 + VAT, in line with prices charged by other RISC OS companies for basic support alone. We feel TSS membership, including the software and SD card, represents an excellent package adding a lot of value for Titanium users.

For clarity, we’d re-iterate that TiMachine customers do not need to add this item – it is included as standard with computer purchases.

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