Voting is now open in the RISC OS Awards 2015!

RISC OS Awards logo
RISC OS Awards logo

The third annual RISC OS Awards poll undertaken by RISCOSitory on the RISC OS Awards website is now able to take your votes!

Between now and the end of January, you have the opportunity to vote for your favourite piece of software, the show you enjoyed the most, the project you find most interesting, and more besides.

For most of the categories there are from four to six initial suggestions along with a short text entry field. You can therefore either choose one of the options as presented, by selecting the relevant one, or you can use the text field to vote for something else – to do this, just select the ‘alternative option’ and enter your choice in the text field.

While the options on the form will not change, every couple of weeks while the voting form is open the alternative suggestions will be reviewed, and – depending on their number – some may be highlighted in posts here on RISCOSitory, and on the @RISCOSitory Twitter feed to serve as ideas for others.

All of the categories also have a “No opinion” option, which is selected by default – if you feel that you have no way to form an opinion in any given category, you can leave this option selected rather than be forced to vote for something.

The one exception, is the ‘Best overall contributor’ category, for which no suggestions have been made. For this category, there is only the text field. You can use this to vote for whoever, or whichever company, you feel deserves recognition for their overal contribution to the RISC OS platform. If you don’t want to vote for anyone in this category, simply leave the field blank.

Changes this year include the very first category now covering only commercial software, rather than encompassing hardware as well – since hardware has its own category anyway – and one new category:

  • Best solution for backwards compatibility

Combined with the awards poll is a simple survey, designed to form a picture of the RISC OS landscape – but while it is a part of the same overall form, you can choose to skip the survey entirely, or only answer those questions you feel comfortable answering: Every question of the includes an “I’d rather not say” option, which is selected by default.

The voting form will remain online from now until the end of January, giving you almost two months to make your choices and cast your votes, with the results of the awards poll expected to be published in the latter half of February, and the results of the survey a little later.

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