ChartWell Suite 2015 – new release from R-Comp

ChartWell charts well? That’s swell!

With Wakefield 2015 almost upon us, R-Comp have released a new application suite for producing professional looking charts and graphs, which can then be used in other RISC OS applications.

With the full title of the suite being the ChartWell and DPGraphics Suite 2015, the two core applications are designed to take raw data, and plot it on a graph. A wide variety of types of graph are supported, which can be presented in 2D or 3D forms, and both applications can save the resulting graph as a Draw file, which can then be loaded into many other RISC OS applications for presentation, or into Artworks or Draw itself for further annotation.

The first core application is ChartWell, which was previously published by Beebug/RISC Developments Ltd, and described by them as being “the most comprehensive and powerful program of its kind for RISC OS computers.” As such, it featured a wide selection of graph types, with each supporting a wide range of options that could be set to control how the graph appeared, and the graphs were saved out as Draw files so that they could be used in many other RISC OS applications.

R-Comp have updated the package for inclusion in the new suite: Amongst other things, it now features a preview mode that allows users to see the results on screen as changes are made to various settings, it has a RISC OS 4/5/6-friendly revamp in terms of its user interface, etc., and it is therefore now fully compatible with modern RISC OS computer systems.

The other core application is DPGraphs. This is a standalone version of the DataPower graphing engine – i.e. the part of DataPower that allows graphs to be plotted from records held in the database. DPGraphs allows  data from external sources (such as CSV files) “to be plotted in a highly visual manner, with drag and drop objects, formatting, and real-time updates, etc.” In many ways, then, it sounds like it might be doing a similar job to ChartWell, but R-Comp’s Andrew Rawnsley explained that it’s not quite as comprehensive as ChartWell, “but users will welcome its friendly approach and WYSIWYG style.”

The suite also includes manuals, tutorials and examples – as well as additional software for preparing and manipulating your data, to get it ready for use in ChartWell or DPGraphs.

The suite is available now for just £9.99, and can be purchased via !Store – but for those not keen on purchasing software online via !Store, R-Comp are planning on producing a CD of some of their recent releases for the Wakefield Show.

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