USBRecorder version 0.61

Announcement from Jim Lesurf, 21st May, 2014

USBRecorder is a program that can be used to make audio recordings via a suitable USB audio device. I have now released a new version (Version 0.61) which has some changes and improvements over earlier versions.

As previously, this can be found at [direct link to zip file] along with some other USB audio programs.

The page at also gives links for finding Colin Granville/Dave Higton’s modules that support USB audio. These modules (and thus recording) should work on an Iyonix running RISC OS 5.18 or later, and an ARMiniX or similar running RISC OS 5.20 or later. I have not tested earlier OS versions or other hardware.

Note that versions 0.60 and later of USBRecorder differ significantly from earlier versions. So even if you have used versions earlier than 0.60 you should read the new !Help file carefully before use.

The new versions now show a graphical interface whilst single-tasking to minimise the risk of other applications disturbing recording. The graphical interface now provides monitoring of the audio recording process, including a pair of ‘PPM’ (Peak Programme Meters) and a display of any time ‘offset’ – delays in saving data. The new versions start up showing the audio input levels on the PPMs but only actually start recording when the user chooses. Recording then proceeds until the user halts the recording (or a maximum file size set by the user is reached). This makes it easier to set up and make a recording.

As previously, the program is an experimental/demo, but is able to make good recordings if used with appropriate hardware, etc. The source code is provided and anyone who wishes is encouraged to develop a better USB recorder! 🙂

Details of some USB devices that are known to work are discussed on

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