USB audio

Announcement from Jim Lesurf, 26th February, 2014

This to announce that I have now put links to copies of some test/demo programs for USB Audio on my main software page. It also gives links to where you can find the required modules along with a list of some of the audio devices known to work correctly.

Anyone wishing to know about this in detail is recommended to check the ROOL forum ‘General’ thread on USB Audio1.

For those interested in high quality playback or recording it is worth adding that devices already tested show the ability to play up to 192k / 24bit audio and record up to 96k / 24bit. A number of devices now know to work are listed on the above page.

Jim Lesurf


  1. Jim’s test/demo programs are designed to work with the modules that Colin Granville and Dave Higton have been working on, and which earned them the most innovative or interesting project award, 2012/2013; the USB modules from Colin, and the USBAudio module from Dave. More details can be found on Jim’s web page, as well as the RISC OS Open forum thread he mentions.

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