!Store and Genealogy at the South West RISC OS Show

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 27th February, 2014

R-Comp is pleased to announce that we’ll have two !Store related physical items for visitors at the SW show this weekend.

First up, there’s the !Store sampler CD, which contains the latest version of the !Store service, alongside a selection of the available software including things like NewsUK and WeatherUK. There are also various bits included to make setting up a “blank” RISC OS machine easier, so you can get going with !Store right away.

We’ll also be doing a physical version of the R-Comp Software Reg service which unlocks all your R-Comp software on !Store, in most cases more recent releases with extra compatibility for newer hardware, or easier installation on newer computers which may not have things like floppy or CD. For example, !Store is the place to get the latest HTMLEdit Studio, ImageOutliner, PDFsuite, NetPrint and a number of other products. Anyone buying this at the show will receive a free copy of the !Store sampler CD to get them up and running as smoothly as possible.

We’ll also be showing/discussing a new Genealogy product, the sister product to our older Genealogy Records system. This provides extensive family history building, including family trees, and tracks all your forebears and their relationships etc. The software will work happily on its own to provide powerful family-tree-building, or can work hand-in-hand with Genealogy Records. We’re expecting to launch at Wakefield.

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