Keystroke 4.09b now available

Macro maker massaged.

With thanks to Martin Avison for updating the software, and Jim Nagel for updating the manual, I am pleased to announce that a new version of Keystroke is now available to download either directly from the Quantum Software section of this site, or via !Store.

The application was originally written by Alisdair Jørgensen, and sold through Quantum Software, based in Livingstone, Scotland, until Stuart Halliday decided it was time to shut the company down, at which point he made the software a free download, warning that it would disappear when the Quantum Software website disappeared, and I contacted him to seek permission to keep Keystroke (and other software) available via RISCOSitory.

Keystroke is a sophisticated macro-making program that allows the user, via a simple-to-use window system, to control one or more desktop programs by replaying icon clicks, mouse movement, text insertion, running programs, etc. at your command. By doing this in a controlled and interactive way you can actually make other programs more powerful and much easier to use.

Most of the changes that bring the application up to version 4.09b are internal, and serve to both tidy some areas and make the program a touch easier to update in future, but some user-facing differences include changes to template files, for example to remove unsightly backgrounds and increase width at which some windows are opened; the module version is now displayed in the Info window; and the leafname is no longer limited to 10 characters when saving.

The Keystroke Module has also been updated by Martin, with changes including correcting the task name so that it is displayed in the task manager, masking out unwanted polls, and using Wimp_PollIdle to reduce CPU load.





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