Director 0.39beta2 released

Announcement from Philip J. Ludlam, 15th March, 2014.

This is to announce the 0.39beta2 release of Director.


There are two archives available for download. The first (director) contains the main Director programs and associated utilities and menus. The second (director-devel) also contains the source code and CVS information.

All the archives can be downloaded from the Director website on SourceForge, or the SourceForge Project page.

Changes since the previous beta

  • Added IfModule as a utility.
  • Sets Director$… variables when Command:… is invoked.
    • This fixes “Front Back (top)” filter and others that expect those variables to be set.
  • DoClose:
    • Added improved parameter handling.
    • Now reads Director$… from the environment.
    • Window handles from the command line will override this.
    • Fix parameter error messages in DoClose.
  • Switch:
    • Ticks the menu entry for the selected/active window.
    • No longer closes all submenus.
    • Uses the improvements to DoClose.
  • FindDrives:
    • Fixed bug in FindDrives Sunfish code.
    • Turn the hourglass on during generation (as it can take a bit of time).
    • Added SDFS menu.
    • Added support for HostFS.
    • Improved error handling in FindDrives.
  • Filters:
    • Add “Title Bar MenuMenu (shift) filter” which is easier to reach with wheel mice than the select+menu original.
  • Mode list:
    • Added fix if AnyModes is running.
  • Saves the Memoriser file before editing it.
  • Added checks for the Docs directories before adding them to the menu.
  • CDVolume:
    • Fixed bug if window opened when no CD/DVD drive is present.


Director is a general purpose desktop tool. It allows you to customise your desktop by creating menus of useful commands and icons to attach the menus to. Any number of menus or icons can be created and attached in any order to each other.

Director also allows an alternative and faster view onto files in the form of directory menus and allows these menus to be attached to other menus also.

Director has some other useful features such as remembering the most recently used files, the ability to add key strokes into the keyboard buffer and the ability to produce directory menus over drive icons.

Director is fully customisable by the user, and can do many or all of the functions of Pinboard+, TreeMenu (AKA DirMenu), Filer-, QuickDir, DeskUtils, Memorizer, Menon and some of the functions of Filer+.

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