DrawPrint 1.43 released

Announcement from Hilary Phillips of Sine Nomine Software, 2nd December, 2013

Version 1.43 of DrawPrint can be downloaded the Sine Nomine website.

The new version fixes bugs with JPEG objects, in particular printing them in landscape mode, and saving scaled draw files containing them. I hope all those who have been inconvenienced in the past by JPEG images mysteriously disappearing from printouts will now find that they come through to the printer.

Thanks to Peter Dowson for drawing my attention to these problems. If anybody still has problems with JPEGs (or any other aspect of the program) please let me know.

About DrawPrint

DrawPrint allows you to print a Draw file (or Sprite or JPEG) over several pages at the scale of your choice. You can set margins and
overlap between pages, or have page breaks inserted more intelligently. You can also export individual pages as Draw files for use with other applications.

It was originally written to create a way of printing from NetSurf on the Iyonix, subject to the limitations of NetSurf’s Drawfile output, but we have also found it useful for printing family trees, posters, Excel files (via ViewXLS), PDF files (via !PDF), and other things.

DrawPrint is freeware.

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