SiteMatch 2.44 becomes 2.45, leaves beta

Bye bye, beta, bye bye.

Website management tool SiteMatch, which automates the process of uploading new and changed files from the local copy of your site to the copy on a remote server, has been updated from the previous beta version, 2.44, to release version 2.45.

Originally developed by Dave Edwards and now maintained by Richard Porter, the main new feature that was offered in the beta version, and which is therefore offered in the release version, is a new “client” option, FS, which Richard says can stand for “File System” or “File Sharing”. It allows the destination to be on the local system, including flash memory or somewhere on your local network, accessed via ShareFS or LanMan98.

The new FS client option was provided because, although the original purpose of the software was to upload changes to a website, which is often done using FTP, it could also be used to compare and upload files to anywhere – the only requirement being that the destination was running an FTP server, which is a common feature of Network Attached Storage Devices, thus making SiteMatch a handy backup tool. Providing a means to do this via ShareFS and LanMan98, as well as to other local destinations, was therefore a logical extension of this ability.




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