Pluto 3.10 now available

A combination of two announcements from Martin Avison, 1st October and 16th November, 2013

An update to Pluto v3.10 is now available from my Pluto web page.

This includes some changes made by Rob Sprowson and myself, and my StrongHelp manual is now integrated.

The changes from v3.08 to v3.09 are:

  1. Increased the mime type decoding buffer from 60 to 127 per RFC4288, so the verbose office document XML mimetype is correctly decoded (e.g. for Word ‘docx’ files).
  2. Pluto will now display the first text portion of a multipart/alternative content type message where the text was sent using a base64 transfer encoding. Previously, this would be shown as a blank message with 1 or more attachments. Because Pluto stores mails unprocessed, this change is retrospective – reopening any such messages should now show them correctly.
  3. Fix for data abort in fwrite() when trying to recreate a missing article file.
  4. Increased Mail and News backup limit from 99 to 255.
  5. Moved ‘Set References’ from Main to Articles menu, added ‘Help…’ entry under ‘Info’
  6. Can now use ‘%T’ in the Y1-4 message tokens to get both date and time so that a reply is written for example “On 12 Sep at 12:34, John Smith wrote:”
  7. Added Help to iconbar menu and included the StrongHelp manual.

The changes from v3.09 to v3.10 are:

  1. Articles which were transformed from base64 then subsequently edited are now resaved in the transformed format (8 bit, Latin 1) so they will display correctly subsequently.
  2. Pluto will look for message disposition notification in the headers per RFC3798 to use when a read receipt is requested (e.g. from Thunderbird).
  3. Many minor changes to Templates to make some icon sizes more appropriate.
  4. Many redundant close icons on dialogue windows removed.
  5. Reinstated Year sort for Article Lists lost between v3.04e and v3.06a.
  6. The Pluto StrongHelp manual included is v1.06, with minor improvements.

Changes 1 and 2 fix problems reported on the Pluto mailing list.

Pluto is an email and news reader that runs on the RISC OS operating system, written by Jonathan Duddington in 1997 as a commercial product, but in April 2013 Jonathan announced that Pluto v3.06 was released with a GPLv3 licence, and freely available to download from SourceForge, including the source.

Martin Avison

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