MTP updated

Announcement from Dave Higton, 14th September, 2013

I’ve updated MTP on my web site to version 0.21. This adds the ability to drag items directly from MTP’s viewer window to a RISC OS directory.

MTP is a Media Transfer Protocol and Picture Transfer Protocol host application for RISC OS, allowing you to explore all the directories and files on an MTP or PTP device, and transfer files both from and to the device. MTP and PTP devices typically are mobile phones, cameras and media players.

I have previously described my application as being of alpha quality. Enough people have now used it, without catastrophic consequences, that I am now describing it as of beta quality.

MTP runs on RISC OS version 5.18 upwards, but versions 5.20 and upwards definitely have a more reliable USB stack and therefore are preferable. Note, however, that upgrading to 5.20 from earlier versions must be done following the instructions.

The current version of my MTP application ONLY supports the Castle USB stack, not the Simtec one.

MTP is free. Enjoy!

I always like to hear from users, whether it’s good or bad news. I like to fix bugs reported to me if I can. I have also added several features at the request or suggestion of users. So please email me!


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